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What does sustainable mean in relation to Quaning?

Quaning delivers sustainable results. We are very proud of that. But what exactly do we mean by that? Sustainable? That has to do with the environment, right? Also. And how we mean sustainable in relation to Quaning, we would like to explain in a triptych of blogs. This is the first blog in this series.

Meaning Sustainable guarantees people don’t fall back into old behavior, which tends to happen often when they are coached. This image represents definitions that best suit the word: sustainable. When we talk about sustainability at Quaning, the first meaning defines Quaning perfectly.

Fall back in old behavior

Durable: long lasting, little wear or spoilage. Helma Lieberwerth, the founder of Quaning, was a very experienced trainer/coach. She was so disappointed that after coaching people fell back into old behavior. Even though she and colleagues used renowned methodologies such as NLP and TA. She wanted to work with a methodology where she could deliver sustainable results: long lasting, durable. As a result of which the investment in time, money and energy would yield returns. Which would provide a solid foundation for clients to build on.

Solution She quickly understood that she had to find a solution for this herself. In 2008 she started her journey with a healthy dose of curiosity and result orientation. It became years of study, research, development, testing and fine-tuning. A very special time. This eventually led to a methodology that we can proudly say with confidence that it produces sustainable results: Quaning.


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