Do you have a question about Quaning, Sense or Licentrix? Then we would like to get in touch with you!

Licentrix Support

Do you know that as a certified Quaner you have direct access to all the information and support you might need to make the most of Quaning? We have set up various options for this.

In the online environment Quaners Only, as a Quaner you will find all training materials and downloads to run your Quaning-RGprograms.

The Quaning helpdesk is there for questions about the Quaning Communicator you are using, and to spar over the course of Quaning-RGprograms you are guiding.

In the restricted online Quaning Community you will meet other Quaners to share experiences and success stories with each other.

Information about Licentrix

Quaning license

Do you want to guide others in their personal or business goals? Do you want to deliver sustainable coaching results? Do you go for high quality and craftsmanship? So are you interested in using Quaning yourself with your clients? Then please contact us to let us inform you about the Quaning license.

You can contact us at

Are you considering one of our licenses? Would you like more information about Quaning, Sense or Licentrix? Then there are a number of possibilities to get in touch with us. They are listed below.
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