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You already coach people and organizations in achieving their goals. Or you have just completed your education and are at the start of a wonderful and valuable career. You may or may not be a member of a professional association such as Noloc, NOBCO or ICF. In any case, you take your profession seriously.

You feel that you want real depth in your coaching. That you want to talk to your coachee on a different level. That you want to see more quickly what it's really all about, why things are going the way they are in your coachee's life. You think it is important that every person contributes to the greater whole from who he essentially is.

Do you relate to this? Then you can deepen and accelerate your coaching with our training Coaching with an eagle eye and the SENSE license.

Coaching with an eagle eye

To be completely himself, in his life in general and in his work, you naturally prefer to guide your coachee there as soon as possible. Together with your coachee, you examine situations that have prevented him from achieving his goal so far. And yet you feel there should be more.

Intention of Being vision
The Intention of Being vision lets you look with different eyes at situations in the life of your coachee. At those that indicate crystal clear and super specific who he essentially is and what he naturally has to contribute. This way you achieve depth in your coaching and you get further faster than a conversation "with the head" only.


Your coachee will find it very valuable because he has direct insight into the usefulness of what is happening in his life. How he can base his choices on that so that those situations can be omitted as a signal.

What you will learn
In the three-day training Coaching with an eagle eye you learn to use the wealth of the Intention of Being vision in your coaching. In the intervision that takes place four weeks later, you discuss cases to get a better grasp of the vision in practice.

For you
This training is intended for anyone who has already been trained as a coach, starting and experienced, and wants to bring further depth and acceleration to his coaching at a level where it really matters.

First step!


Read about the Intention of Being vision in our e-book.


If you would like more information about this training, such as the programme, dates, price, study load and PE points, request now the infosheet Coaching with an eagle eye – the training.

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SENSE: Coaching with fast and objective analyses

Do you like coaching? From making contact with your coachee to coming up with the best interventions to help him achieve his goal?

And do you think it would be fantastic to have a faster and truly objective picture of the analysis, that what it's about exactly?

That is possible!

If you make use of the SENSE license in your coaching.

What is SENSE?

With the SENSE license you work with our innovative technology, called the Communicator, within your own way of coaching. With the SENSE Communicator you can make lightning-fast, objective and spot-on analyses. The undercurrents that provide insight into the situation that your client wants to change, become visible on the Communicator screen within a few seconds. The perfect entrance to immediately give your coaching the depth you are looking for. In addition, you can also use the intervention option that the SENSE Communicator offers and that directly changes the origin. This makes the result of your coaching visible in daily life more quickly.

For whom

Have you been working as a coach for a while, do you like to follow your own path and are you looking for more depth and acceleration in your guidance? Then the SENSE license is very suitable for you.

How can I start using SENSE?

That's very simple: after signing your SENSE license you will be trained to use the SENSE Communicator in your own working method. You can immediately use it in your coaching after the training.

First step!

Request the information sheet Guiding with SENSE.

Schedule a non-binding appointment to get
acquainted with the license content, the SENSE        

Communicator and your trainer.                                                                                                                   

New technology coaching is already here Communicator Licentrix.png

"Sense allows me to make objective and 

spot-on analyzes 

without my own filter."

For deepening and acceleration
in your guidance,
please get in touch with us!

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