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Do you want to guide people in achieving their goals quickly, effectively and sustainably?
In a way where you really have a distinctive offer compared to the many thousands of others who are active in the same field? Where you work quickly and directly towards the result? At a very high quality level?

Then the Quaning license is perfect for you!

Quaning (5)_edited.jpg

  • you only have conversations with your client about
    what it really is about
    . your client will quickly and automatically experience the wonderful results of
    your guidance

  • you can follow a meticulously detailed and proven successful step-by-step plan that, in combination
    with you as a person and management, makes the difference

  • you could objectively make your analyzes directly in
    the core and also offer self-evident solutions there

  • the end result of your guidance is sustainable

Just imagine that

Your clients who naturally live their lives radiant and in flow? Does that sound like music to your ears? Do you already feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of your contribution to it? That is what you experience again and again when you guide with Quaning. 

This is how you really make the difference!

Can you picture it already?
"Quaning may seem simple in the eyes of my client:
"Is that all that I have to do?"

I know he will be surprised by the quick changes that come naturally and which prove to be sustainable."
What is Quaning?

Quaning is an innovative coaching methodology. It is inspired by the ideas of the scientific discipline of quantum mechanics and Helma Lieberwerth's paradigm shifting vision on people and personal growth, called Intention of Being. The innovative technology, called the Quaning Communicator, the successfully proven step-by-step plan, the Q-Report and your leadership together ensure deepening and acceleration in guidance. Resulting in natural and sustainable results.

For whom?

Quaning suits you as a guidance methodology:

  • if you want to work determinedly towards sustainable results and at the same time find warmth and personal attention for your client important

  • if what you do is to be useful, always and in every way

  • if you want to stand out as a Certified Quaner in the jungle of providers on the coaching market and really want to make a difference for those you guide

Loved by Certified Quaners

"Quaning allows me to achieve quick and sustainable results, thanks to the structured approach."

Angela Quaning page.jpg

"It makes me glow when I see what my guidance with Quaning do to people and how it reflects in their life." 

"My career switch to become a Quaner was 100% worth it."

"Quaning gets the best out of me as a coach. And therewith from the people I guide."

Recognized by the government

The Dutch government recognized Quaning in 2017 as a successful method to increase sustainable employability.

The Quaning Communicator

The Communicator helps you to deliver excellent guidance to your clients by using its unique technology inspired by the philosophy of quantum mechanics. It's fascinating diagnostic capabilities assure objective, spot-on analyses, which show up on your screen within seconds.

Another module of the Communicator takes care of the intervention in the information field, so directly on primary level, bypassing every life mechanism your client has.


Learn more
Would you like to learn more about the Quaning Communicator, then please request the infosheet.

How do you become a Certified Quaner?

You can use Quaning as a guidance methodology if you take out the Quaning license. This means you have everything you need to allow your clients to experience quick and sustainable results from your guidance: from your training up to and including the use of the programs to use Quaning. After your basic training, you can directly guide clients with Quaning as a Certified Quaner.

English Quaning Training Program.png

And ....
After your training as a Certified Quaner,
you can further train yourself to:

  • give workshops based on the Intention of Being vision

  • to be able to guide teams with Quaning

Choose your NEXT STEP towards
becoming a Certified Quaner

Request the infosheet Guiding with Quaning to learn about the Quaning license
and how it is to guide with Quaning.

Order the e-book about the vision that forms the basis of Quaning: Intention of Being,
a groundbreaking and extraordinarily positive view on who you really are.

Request a free consultation with the founder of Quaning, Helma Lieberwerth.

For deepening and acceleration
in your guidance,
please get in touch with us!

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