Licentrix is world’s first developer of a purely business oriented device for coaches that analyzes and balances causes and correlations in the information field: the Communicator.

The idea first came up when Dutch founder, Helma Lieberwerth wanted to find a solution for coaches to deliver quick and sustainable results.


According to her, too much time, money and energy was wasted in the coaching industry. Helma worked as a trainer and coach in business for several decades. She used a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis together with her experiences as a shaman and principles from parapsychology.


Helma was also asked many times to train other trainers, coaches and consultants to work the way she did, which she wholeheartedly did. 

Helma was increasingly frustrated that, despite all the great methodologies, hardly any sustainable results were achieved.



Helma knew that the answer to delivering sustainable results lay in the invisible dimensions of our universe, in all signals we get from therein and from the working ideas of quantum mechanics. She knew that she had to find a solution so coaches could work in that field objectively, result-committed and sustainable.


In 2008, Helma took time off to find the solution for this. During her long-term and thorough research Helma developed a paradigm shifting view on people and personal growth, called the Intention of Being. It was the basis for the successful proven methodology Quaning, which yields the actual sustainable results she was looking for.


Our movement of game changers contributes to a world in which everyone can live a fulfilling life.


Helma’s husband, Fred Lentz, is an experienced entrepreneur in several branches. He saw the possibilities to let other coaches also work with the Communicator and Helma's methodology. He developed the business concept to achieve that. Together they brought it to the market in 2013. Nowadays Licentrix offers two licenses for coaches to use the Communicator: Quaning and Sense.

Sustainable value
In a crowded coaching market they offer, together with their clients, sustainable value for the investment coaches and their clients do in coaching. So far, they have trained 50 coaches, who have let more than 10,000 people experience the positive and quick results of the Communicator. 

Fulfilling lives
They look forward to training more conscious coaches so that they can also bring the game changing difference for their clients. Everything to contribute to a world in which everyone can live a fulfilling life.

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