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Licentrix for
deepening and acceleration
in your guidance!

For many years Quaners, coaches and executives have been trained in our Academy to bring deepening and acceleration in their guidance. Our outstanding academy curriculum is aimed at achieving excellent results.

Check out our curriculum!


With the Quaning guidance methodology you’ll be able to deliver quick, natural and lasting results within a max of 7 weeks.


New technology coaching is already here Communicator Licentrix.png

Our training for coaches will learn you to use the wealth of the Intention of Being vision in your coaching.

With the SENSE license you can make lightning-fast, objective and spot-on analyses.


Our training course will help you to deepen your leadership style. That makes that your team will naturally and quickly participate
in the realization of the organization’s ambition.

“For me, the training to become a Quaner is like a business class flight.

The methodology, the vision, the certification, the peers, and all the extras that are offered to let you excel as a Certified Quaner, are TOP class.”

For deepening and acceleration
in your guidance,
please get in touch with us!

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