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Recognition sustainability Quaning-RGprogram

Sick and burnt-out employees are a huge expense for employers. The Sustainable Employability subsidy scheme was created to keep people healthy and vital at work for longer. Employers can receive subsidies for activities that contribute to the sustainable employability of their employees. Team Finenzo Zaanstad was guided by De Succeswinkel through a "Quaning-RGprogram" and was awarded the subsidy for this.

The application for the subsidy was made in consultation with Lydia Gitsels, specialist in subsidies from Nova Connect, and Sylvia Heistek, owner of De Succeswinkel. After approval, Sylvia Heistek guided the team for seven weeks towards the predetermined goal of having each team member make an impactful positive contribution to the operating result from an entrepreneurial perspective. The fact that it was awarded the subsidy for this project is seen by the licensing organization Licentrix - of which De Succeswinkel is affiliated - as recognition of Quaning as a successful method to increase sustainable employability.

Increased individual independence

At the end of the project, the individual independence, visibility and the quality of the employees at Finenzo Zaanstad have been significantly increased. Each team member now contributes to the team result directly from his talents. The team has become self-managing. Owner Baldwin Stuvel of Finenzo Zaanstad: “I was a bit skeptical beforehand. What else could she tell me, I thought. During the program I heard myself tell. Obviously, it brought me closer to what I am good at.”

De Succeswinkel

De Succeswinkel guides ambitious people and organizations to successful results. The starting point is that success arises as a result of who you are and what suits you. To help people get into 'the flow', De Succeswinkel uses the Quaning method. An innovative way of coaching, to achieve work-related goals within a maximum of seven weeks. A guarantee is given on the sustainable achievement of the end result.

About the grant

With the subsidy scheme ESF Sustainable Employability (ESF 2014-2020), the government wants to keep people in work longer and increase the productivity of workers. Last week it was announced that the subsidy scheme will be reopened this autumn. State Secretary Jette Klijnsma (SZW) is again making € 12.5 million available for projects to keep workers healthy and vital at work for longer. Employers can apply for a subsidy from 25 September 2017 via the subsidy portal at

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24th of July 2017


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