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Quaning Communicator: fast and sustainable results

In the previous two blogs in this triptych, we have already explained important aspects that ensure the sustainable results of Quaning. This blog is about the most important difference maker, the Quaning Communicator.

When Helma wanted to find a way to achieve sustainable results from guidance, she knew that the solution lay in the invisible layers. As a shaman she was used to connecting with that. The causes and answers were found at a deeper level.

She wanted to make these layers accessible to many more people, to give words to it, in a down-to-earth way. When she came into contact with technology used in natural medicine, which analyzed those invisible layers and offered solutions, the penny dropped. Such technology should also be able to work when it comes to organizations and personal emotions, she assumed. It was the start of years of research and development of a database that could be used in such technology, addressing these topics. This resulted in the Quaning Communicator.

The Quaning Communicator enables objective access to the information field. There are the dimensions where causes are at the core and can be permanently resolved. The Quaning Communicator works on the basis of quantum mechanical principles. Within seconds, objective, spot-on analyzes appear on the screen. The intervention module offers solutions directly in the field of personal information. So that people think and act naturally as it essentially suits them.

Together with the way in which the method is set up, this ensures fast and sustainable results, where Quaners give a lifelong guarantee with all confidence and pleasure.


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