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How Quaning originated

The idea for Quaning originated in 2008. I noticed that far too much time, money and energy was being wasted in the coaching industry and it had to be done differently. My goal was to find a solution to deliver fast and sustainable coaching results.

For decades I worked as a trainer and coach within all kinds of organizations, corporates, SMEs and for the self-employed. For my training and coaching I used Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis in combination with my experience as a shaman and as a paranormal therapist: a practical, down-to-earth approach that was successful. I trained many other trainers, coaches and consultants so that they could train and coach as I did. I also supervised their work.


Despite the beautiful methods we worked with, I became more and more frustrated and so did other fellow coaches and trainers. People kept falling back into old behavior. When I came back to an organization after a while, they told me that it really helped and that they really liked it. But... it was actually 'business as usual' again. It had been so busy, the usual work had to be done, colleagues had been sick and so on. In other words, where do you get the time to get to work with what you've learned?

You can see these remarks as excuses, but I understood them. That's the way it goes and I started to resent them more and more, because what was the point of my work? Was it worth all the time, money and energy invested in it, both by clients and by me? These questions kept me pretty busy. Surely there had to be a solution to this?


On a sunny late summer day in 2008 I made a decision after consultation with Fred. If I was so annoyed by this, if it frustrated me so much, I could stick with it, but I could also do something about it and take the plunge. I had chosen the latter. From the autumn of that year I spent most of my time developing a solution. From what we later called Quaning: the guidance methodology that does deliver quick and sustainable results from guidance. It turned out to be quite an adventure, I can tell you. Luckily one that, given the results, is totally worth it!


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