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Why is Quaning called Quaning?

It is a question that is occasionally asked to us. We asked the founder of Quaning, Helma Lieberwerth, to tell us about it so we can share the answer with you in this blog.

Return on investment Helma explains: “So it was in the summer of 2008 that I made the decision that something had to come that would result in a sustainable return on investment in time, money and energy in coaching. After completing a lengthy assignment, I started my research that autumn. Invisible I knew, inside, that the solution had to be in the invisible. And then at a different level than where methodologies such as NLP and TA do their work in the intangible. Other than how and where I once worked in from my paranormal therapy practice. When I came across that technology, which would later become the Quaning Communicator, the penny suddenly fell. This would be an important difference maker in achieving sustainable results. Investigation Then a long adventure started. Very briefly, I have investigated the operation of that technology, I have subsequently made it usable for use in the work of coaches, I have sought and found explanations and evidence of its operation. I tested the technology (with placebo effect and all), did pilots and used it myself in guiding my customers in achieving their goals. Subsequently I developed a methodology by which coaching really delivered sustainable results, and I started training others in this.

Quantum mechanics In the meantime, people asked me what it was called. I realized it had to have a name. It had to be something in the line of coaching, training, consulting. It was all that, and at the same time it was really different. So, it had to be a brand new name. One day Fred and I brainstormed about this. Almost at the same time, we said it should be called Quaning. The technology, and my view on people and personal growth, are both based on quantum mechanical principles. So, it had to be Quan. And just like coaching, training and consulting, with the 'ing', it became Quaning. So that's why Quaning is called Quaning.”


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