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Quaning is a guidance methodology inspired by the philosophy of quantum mechanics and
the paradigm shifting vision of
Helma Lieberwerth on people and personal growth.


Fitting in this era

Quaning delivers outstanding results by using a holistic approach where results and conscience meet. Fitting with the era we currently live in, in which people and organizations do their work from their meaning and technology has an ever-growing role in all facets of our society.

Optimum return

You only get the best return on investment in time, money and energy if people and organizations achieve their goals with lasting results. It was the standing point of years of research, testing and further development, that has led to Quaning.

Quantum mechanics

Quaning is inspired by the philosophy of quantum mechanics, a theory of modern physics that deals with the interaction between matter and energy.

Matter, energy, everything is composed of and held together by small particles. Each particle is informed with an intention.


A human, a company, both are composed of small particles with information about their Intention of Being, that is what they uniquely have to offer to themselves and to other people.


The Communicator connects with the information in the information field. This way you can objectively show underlying movements, discuss these and make them clear, making your client aware of the usefulness.

Tissue Thin

The structured and tissue thin approach of the Quaning methodology and the combination of the three cornerstones: Quaner, Q-Report and Communicator make you deliver the outstanding results, quick and sustainable.


Guiding with Quaning is super fulfilling, to learn more visit Quaning Methodology's direct website!



  • You will use a proven successful methodology based on a paradigm shifting philosophy

  • You will be able to measure the results of your clients

  • You will be able to deliver quick results within little time

  • You will deliver sustainable results where you confidently offer result guarantee

  • Your initial training will meet the highest craftsmanship level, and so will your annual training

  • You can use Quaning for all kinds of regular personal (non-psychiatric and non-therapeutic) and work-related goals your clients may have 

  • Quick result, within a max of 7 weeks the goal is achieved

  • They get sustainable results with guarantee on the achieved result

  • Fixed price: they pay for the result and not per hour, the total costs are known and paid
    from the beginning

  • The schedule is clear: they know precisely what to expect from each session

  • The program takes little time: little work time and little travel time is required

  • They get objective and spot-on analyzes

  • They have you: you are always available by phone (which will only be necessary as an important part of the program in the first few weeks and maybe just a couple of times)


"For me as a professional, Quaning contains an infinite wealth of knowledge on tissue thin level that brings my craftsmanship to an exceptional level. Combined with the outstanding working of the Communicator I have a real distinctive offer for my clients."

"Quaning may seem simple in the eyes of my client: "Is that all that I have to do?" I know he will be surprised by the quick changes that come naturally and which prove to be sustainable."


Broadly speaking the Quaning license includes the following components:

  • Use of the Communicator

  • Use of the Quaning-RGprograms:

    • Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being - for the client who wants to know and work and live from their intention of being

    •  Quaning-RGprogram Personal - for the client who has a personal (work) related goal
      Quaning-RGprogram Business - for the client who has a business/organisation related goal

  • Executive training to offer and execute the programs and of course use the Communicator within the programs. With yearly training and re-certification to keep your craftsmanship high

  • If you want to read all details around the license and the training, then please contact us

Quaning Communicator Licentrix website.p


  • Are you a determined conscious coach and do you want instant, spot-on analyses?

  • Do you love sustainable results for your clients and are you wondering how to achieve that?

  • Do you prefer to work result-oriented and are you wondering how to measure the results?

  • Do you like to follow a hands-on proven system that has taken into account all quantum mechanics effects leading to success?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place: the Quaning license is perfect for you.

Express your interest and start your journey to becoming a Quaner!

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly.

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