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Why should you become a licensee of Licentrix?

Licentrix offers coaches innovative technology to guide their clients when achieving their goals. This groundbreaking technology, known as the Communicator makes objective analyses on a transcendence level and achieves rapid growth. Licentrix offers a licence - Quaning, that optimally enables coaches to use the Communicator while guiding. Below Quaner, Anjana Jagernath explains how becoming a licensee of Licentrix was one of the best decisions she made in 2015.

“I experience the partnership with Licentrix as a family, my professional family. Independent and yet connected to each other. With warmth you will be included in the Licentrix family as valuable partners side by side. As a starting entrepreneur I could turn to them with all my questions. Sparring about marketing and sales questions is possible at any time. The partnership with Licentrix strengthens, creates trust and security, partly due to the quality assurance with annual recertification and training days. I am grateful and proud to be part of the Licentrix professional family.”


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