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Sylvia Heistek about Quaning

Sylvia Heistek has been guiding her clients with Quaning since 2013. She is therefore the 'oldest' Quaner. In this blog Sylvia talks about what Quaning means for her and her customers.

Puzzle pieces For the sake of convenience, if we imagine life as countless puzzle pieces, it may be that those pieces are out of place. People experience this both privately and in work. Me too. Positive experience After my own positive experience, I got the opportunity to work with Quaning in 2013. Quaning ensures that the puzzle pieces in your life are brought together. In place It makes you aware of the value you add, your intention of being. And it ensures that the specific way in which you do this is visible to yourself and to your environment. Then you experience that you are in the right place. And that makes living and working in the 21st century fun, really fun.


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