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Quaning = high quality and innovation

Agnes van Duuren says “Quaning is a great tool and a genius of applied science”. Curious to know why? Read this blog to learn more.

“With a work experience of more than 30 years with working and realizing interventions in the same areas in which Quaning operates, I find it a real pleasure to experience that 'the old working' in the guidance of people from psychoanalysis and psychocatharsis in most cases can make way for Quaning. The results, that are achieved in a way that has low impact for the client, are so good, reliable and beautiful that I allow every person to gain an experience with it. Helma Lieberwerth, the founder of Quaning, does everything she can to train good Quaners, to organize refresher days and intervision meetings and to give them proper substance, to support Quaners in the work where required.“


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