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Online coaching vs Quaning

In our webinar 'Innovative coaching with sustainable results' we talk about the trends in the coaching industry. We can rest assured that the coronavirus has created a new trend: online coaching. Fortunately, coaches can continue their important work in such a way. Quaning can also be done online. Yet there is a big difference with online coaching. With Quaning, the effectiveness of the guidance is 100% guaranteed and that is an important and desired certainty.

Online coaching

Coaches now prefer to offer their services online. This means that the coaching conversations are conducted via video options such as Facetime, Zoom and MS Teams. If both are present in the call, a conversation will be conducted as would normally be done live. Any intervention is also discussed and carried out via the screen. As in any coaching process, and perhaps even more so via the screen, the question is whether the client's living mechanism fully embraces the change.

At a distance

The programs we do with Quaning are done alternately live or by telephone in a weekly rhythm. Or, if the distance between the Quaner and Quanee is too great to travel or if there are other reasons why they are at different locations during the live sessions, via the same video option as traditional coaching. And yet, as mentioned in the introduction, there is a big difference.

Constant factor

At Quaning there is a constant factor that, from a distance, always objectively and effectively contributes to the sustainable result that programs deliver: the Quaning Communicator. With this technology, the Quaner makes objective analyzes and an intervention is provided directly in the core. The living mechanism of the Quanee is thus honored while everything changes immediately inside. Quaner and Quanee can be anywhere in the world. The quantum mechanical principles on which the technology is based ensure that the operation of the program is always effective. This way, time, space and location independent guidance is and will always be effective!


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