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Commitment is key!

You have to be committed, you have commitment. Everyone immediately knows what you mean by it. It's about connecting. That you really stand for something and go for it. If you want to deliver sustainable results, then the commitment of the person who guides you is the most important basic condition for the success with your guidance.

As a coach you want to guide your client to their desired goal as quickly as possible. That road starts with one of the first checks you have to do when you are talking to a potential client: what about the commitment of your client. Is the client willing to make the, sometimes far-reaching, choices that go with it? Is the client willing to keep all the agreements you make in the context of the coaching

process? Each coach should have asked these questions to their client before the start of the process.

You use all your senses to determine the commitment of your client. You watch, you listen, you feel, you let your intuition speak. For example, you pay attention to the muscle tension in the face, the use of words, the tone used, the way the body holds itself, and especially the eyes. You see in the eyes whether someone is speaking from who they are really meant to be, from their Intention of Being. When the “Yes” is pronounced from there, then the eyes light up, they are focused, they radiate. That's where you see the desire to fully manifest that Intention of Being and that's where you want to start as a coach!


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