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First designed computers

The origin of our technology lies in the distant past


Some might see the Communicator as a magical black box; in fact it is a proven practical device with a long history. In ancient cultures, people were able to connect to the field that quantum physicists now say that it contains everything. They gained insights from this and found solutions. It was a normal daily part of life. In 1530, the doctor Paracelsus even seems to have written: "Man can work remotely while he remains calmly in place."


Over time, ratio and science became more and more important. People wanted more and more rational proof of what was normal. Therefore they have become further and further removed from their natural connection with the invisible world. The knowledge about it has been lost in the course of history. 

Natural phenomena 

People were constantly investigating how natural phenomena could be simulated artificially,  so that they could be used more often and more easily. For example, lightning has been a source of inspiration for the electricity that now comes from the sockets.

Radio Frequency

In the 19th century people discovered how signals could be sent over great distances. Radiofrequency radiation was used for this. It was at the beginning of the 20th century the basis for the development of devices used in natural medicine for making objective diagnoses and optimizing health. These devices have been continuously improved. With the rise of the computers they were digitized.

Business Application

Helma Lieberwerth has spent years developing a business-only application of such a device. In addition, she has developed a methodology with a visionary philosophy through which personal and business growth is achieved super-fast and sustainable.

Would you like to learn more in detail about the origin, development, operation and application of our Communicator?

 Then, please get in touch! 

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