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Intention of Being for coaches

be one of the first coaches to use
the Intention of Being vision
in your coaching

Have you read our book Intention of Being, a groundbreaking and extraordinarily positive view on who you really are? Or have you attended one of the events about the Intention of Being vision and everything that comes in a person's path that provides insight into who he really is? Have you experimented with the two questions? Did you see how the speaker or workshop facilitator indicated super-accurately which desire was addressed? Did you also think “I want to be able to do that, I want to be trained in that, I really want to master that”?


Now you can! For the first time we are organizing a Masterclass Intention of Being for coaches!


The masterclass is a sneak preview of the training for coaches to guide their clients from the Intention of Being vision. Of course the following will be discussed:
- the Intention of Being vision
- signals that indicate whether someone works and lives in line with his Intention of Being
- the two questions that provide insight into which facet of his Intention of Being still wants
  to be filled in
- know and recognize the functioning of the life mechanism and the Gatekeeper and what that
  means for your coaching

You will take note of the above topics and you will practice how to use them in your coaching in a practical way.

It is a day with fellow professionals full of new knowledge and skills, who let you go back to your clients with practical tools and a new view of things.

If you want to work on your craftsmanship and include new insights and tools in your toolbox, this masterclass is a practical and inspiring enriching first step!

You work as a coach or have just completed your training. You want to develop further and expand your toolbox. You are open to look at situations in your coachee's life through different eyes. You are curious about the functioning of the hyperintelligent and hypersensitive feedback system that people are and how you can use it in your coaching. If you answer Yes, then this Masterclass is for you!


- November 3 or December 8
- 09.30 – 16.30
- including catering
- including certification of attendance
- Houten, The Netherlands
- master trainer Helma Lieberwerth
- especially for you as one of the first participants in this Masterclass instead of
   € 175.00 only € 75.00 excl. VAT


Apply now by sending an email to our administration.
Use the title: Registration Noloc Masterclass and your name. Please also state your preference for date, November 3rd of December 8th in the e-mail. We will take your registration further from there.

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