groundbreaking technology for coaches

that offers fast and objective access to 
the information field

The Communicator:


The Communicator is your entrance to the information field, or as some may call it the matrix. It consists of a hologram generator, an algorithm, a database and an analog digital converter, all installed on a laptop with logo.

The Communicator helps you to deliver excellent guidance to your clients by using its unique quantum mechanics based technology. Its fascinating diagnostic capabilities assure objective, spot-on analyses, which show up on your screen within seconds.


Another module of the Communicator takes care of the intervention in the information field, so directly on primary level, bypassing every survival mechanism your client may have.

Of course you learn all the ins and outs of the working of the Communicator during the training which comes with your license. When you choose the Quaning license you will also be trained in quantum mechanical aspects of guiding. 

"Using new technology to guide my clients brings my craftsmanship to a whole new level."

T W O   L I C E N S E S

We offer two licenses to use the Communicator: Quaning and Sense.


A unique and proven successful methodology, developed around the Communicator. Enabling you to deliver sustainable results for your clients within a maximum of 7 weeks. When you choose the Quaning license you will be trained to use a procedure thought out in all aspects. Your guiding skills will excel at all levels. 



If you like to use the Communicator within your own coaching, then please check out the Sense license. 


Would like to learn more about the origin, development, operation and application of the Communicator, then please get in touch!