Licentrix Academy

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For many years coaches have been trained in our Academy to use the Communicator. Our outstanding academy curriculum is aimed at achieving excellent results in guiding.

​As a Sense licensee you will learn about the basic quantum mechanical principles of the working of the Communicator. Of course you will also learn how to practically use it. We also focus on your basic attitude to succeed in using the Communicator.

​As a Quaning licensee you will learn all ins and outs of guiding based on quantum mechanical principles and the visionary philosophy about life and personal growth of Helma Lieberwerth.
You will also be thoroughly trained to apply the Quaning-RGprograms. 


​If you would like to know more about the training curriculum, then please request the Licentrix brochure. 


“For me, the training to become a Quaner is like a business class flight. The methodology, the philosophy, the certification, the peers, and all the extras that are offered to let you excel as a Quaner, are TOP class.”


If you like to enroll, then please get in touch, so we can talk you through
the next steps to sign up.

“All aspects to optimally use the Communicator in my work as a coach are covered in the Sense training."

If you would like to be informed about the training provided with our Sense and Quaning licenses, please get in touch.